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The future of the Tenter House site

Welcome to our project website for Tenter House, an exciting new development delivering high quality office and public space for Moorgate.

Aerial view of Tenter House

This website is the home for all information on the Tenter House project, which is being run by Freshwater Group. In 2020, planning permission was granted to redevelop the Tenter House building. As a reminder, this scheme consisted of:

A new 19 storey office building to provide high quality, flexible and sustainable office space

Major improvements to the public realm, including along New Union Street, creating a pedestrian focused ‘southern’ route to and from Silk Street

An enlarged retail unit, currently occupied by Pret A Manger

At the time, further opportunities were identified through discussions with the City of London for greatly enhanced accessibility and permeability within the plaza, by the removal of the existing Tenter House car park and ramp and lowering the raised portion of CityPoint Plaza. 

The result of these discussions is an updated scheme which we are now bringing forward for consultation. All information relating to the updated plans will be shared on this website when we hold our public consultation in late November. 

Whilst we prepare to consult on these updated plans, we are also enacting the existing permission via preparatory works which we will follow up with demolition works in the new year. These works are being led by contractors John F Hunt and you can see all information on these works here.

You can get in contact with us through the contact form below, or by emailing tenterhouse@londoncommunications.co.uk

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